US Taido Official Dojo

Taido is a fun and creative martial art that’s great for children and adults.

Though we’ve been teaching Taido for decades, we’re only just getting started to spread Taido across the US. The American Taido Association’s mission is to teach authentic Taido that exceeds the International Standard, so we’re working to educate and train the next generation of teachers and open more dojo over the next few years.

American Taido Association Training Locations

Taido America – Dunwoody, GA

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  • Phone: (770) 405-9774
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Head Instructor John Okochi is a 5th degree black belt who started Taido in 1978 and has competed in several international tournaments and taught thousands of Taido students. Along with Instructor Elizabeth Hammond, Okochi Sensei offers children’s and adult Taido classes, conveniently located in Dunwoody, GA.

More Coming Soon

We’ll be adding new dojo and training locations when we can. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

International Taido

As members of the World Taido Federation, we have close ties with schools operating in Japan, Australia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, France, Portugal, and Germany. You can find information on contacting these organizations on the Official World Taido Homepage.